ABB at CIRED 2013 – Smart distribution solutions

June 10-13, 2013, stand B:03 at Kistamässan in Kista, Stockholm / Sweden - visit ABB at the 22nd International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution.

CIRED, the major International Electricity Conference & Exhibition is the leading Forum where the Electricity Distribution Community meets every two years in various venues in Europe, with a world-wide perspective and participation.

Three days of technical presentations and discussions covering the very latest challenges and issues facing electricity distribution today and in the future.

Under the key message "Smart distribution solutions from ABB", ABB will present 15 technical papers as well as the latest technologies of the Medium Voltage portfolio.

Overview of ABB papers being presented

  • Small scale arc fault testing of medium voltage switchgear
  • Vacuum circuit breaker and transformer interaction in a cable system
  • Application of novel cumulative phasor sum measurement into earth-fault protection in compensated mv-networks
  • New functionalities and features of IEDs to realize active control and protection of smart grids.
  • Switchgear optimization using IEC 61850-9-2
  • Earth fault protections with sensors
  • Application of IEC 61850-9-2 in MV switchgear with sensors use
  • Gas flow analysis in low energy arc puffer interrupters
  • Technologies of the self healing grid
  • Smart compact secondary substations - method for evaluation of functionality for utilities
  • Dielectric and thermal challenges for next generation ring main units
  • Energy based evaluation of gas cooling related to arc faults in medium voltage switchgear
  • Total accuracy of the whole measuring chain - sensor and IED


  • <b>Grid automation solution</b>

    Grid automation solution

    ABB introduces a self-healing power system taking advantage of the zone concept, a systematic method based on loads, load criticality and disturbance vulnerability for dividing distribution networks into manageable areas. The self-healing capability is achieved by utilizing intelligent network nodes and their seamless connection with substation and control center systems.

    A distribution network management system MicroSCADA Pro DMS 600 extends traditional SCADA capabilities by providing geographically based network views and advanced fault management functions over a power distribution network. Advanced Relion® IEDs and protection equipment are essential in accurate fault identification, localization and isolation which lead to faster power restoration.

  • <b>UniGear Digital - the traditional ABB switchgear with a new concept</b>

    UniGear Digital - the traditional ABB switchgear with a new concept

    UniGear Digital enables efficient application of the IEC 61850 standard in the traditional switchgear, which results in a smart grid ready solution with respect to extension and functional upgrades. It can offer a 30% shorter delivery time together with easier purchasing, engineering, installation and commissioning procedures. Smart integration of state of the art technologies in the switchgear delivers increased substation availability and equipment safety. UniGear Digital is based on our long term experience in MV switchgear business and ABB’s proven technologies.

  • <b>SafeRing Air</b>

    SafeRing Air

    The new SafeRing Air portfolio is based on dry air technology as insulation medium for applications up to 12 kV. The switchgear design is based on the existing SafeRing / SafePlus portfolio which makes it ideal for retrofits. It gives customers the same user interface, footprint, spare parts and operation. SafeRing Air is a completely sealed system with a stainless steel tank containing all live parts and switching functions. A sealed steel tank with constant atmospheric conditions ensures a high level of reliability as well as personnel safety and a virtually maintenance-free system. The SafeRing Air is the most compact solution on the market, which makes it a perfect fit for utility, CSS, light industry, building and infrastructure applications.

  • <b>ABB's Arcing fault protection system for dry-type transformers</b>

    ABB's Arcing fault protection system for dry-type transformers

    Active protection with the Ultra-Fast Earthing Switch (UFES). When an arcing fault occurs in an electrical installation, a very hot plasma is created which causes high pressure built-up and very high temperature in the affected area. This can have fatal consequences on the operator and seriously damage the system and even the building. To prevent such catastrophic consequences, ABB recommends the use of the arcing fault protection system of type UFES.

  • <b>Energy storage</b>

    Energy storage

    ABB’s energy storage technologies cover a wide range of power needs from tens of kilowatts up to hundreds of megawatts. BESS offering includes customized turnkey solutions that integrate seamlessly into the power network, designed and developed independent of battery technology. This brings customers the benefit of combining the best of energy storage solutions with different power technologies to match application needs. The flexible approach includes turnkey battery energy storage facilities, integrated converter and battery systems and standalone converter systems

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